Why Choose Linen

Why Choose Linen

Linen might be considered one of the most luxurious modern-day fabric, but linen is anything but new. Grown mainly throughout northern Europe and Russia, flax - the fiber used to produce linen - is also used in a wide variety of products loved worldwide.

Benefits of Linen

  • The Linen Look

Linen has a beautiful natural color, ranging from ivory to ecru, and it can be dyed in many different colors and patterns. The linen look is relaxed, sophisticatedly rugged and always imperfectly perfect.Sustainable

  • The Linen Sustainability

    Linen delivers more than a peacefully unassuming look and touch; it is also one of the most sustainable fabrics available.

    The method of producing Linen is eco-friendly and its life cycle has a small ecological footprint due to the lower use of water, pesticides and fertilizers in growing flax. In addition, the byproducts of flax are used in a variety of products.

    • The Linen Properties

    Linen is naturally breathable, antistatic, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, making it the most ideal fabric for year-round use. Whether you need a swaddle for your baby, linen sheets for your bed or throws for lazy afternoons, Linen is guaranteed to be a heavenly option.

    • The Linen Heirloom Quality

    Linen products can last generations. Linen is the strongest natural fiber, being ~30% sturdier than cotton, Linen fabrics can usually hold perfectly for two to three decades, while cotton sheets commonly last between two to five years. Lilla & Charles believes that Linen Bedding is a worthy investment for your family.

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