Quilt vs Duvet

Quilt vs Duvet

Lilla & Charles realizes that choosing a bedding topper can be an overwhelming task; with so many options, it is often hard and confusing finding the perfect fit for you.

While sheets are mostly functional, the bedding topper can be, at times, a purely decorative choice that will define the style of your bedroom. Let us weigh some differences between these two topper options:


Quilting defines the act of stitching together two layers of fabric over a filling. Quilting can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt but became evident in Europe during the 12th Century when Crusaders wore quilted garments under their armor for warmth, comfort, and protection.

While traditional quilts were hand-crafted with many different pieces of fabric creating unique patterns and designs, modern quilts can vary in price and are generally made with sewing machines.

Here are some reasons why a quilt would be a great option for you:

  • They are thinner and lighter, thus great for hot sleepers. Quilts will give you comfort and just enough insulation for a great night of sleep.
  • Quilts come in an array of designs and fabric so they are an easy way to add great style to your bedroom.
  • If you like layers, quilts pair nicely with other bedding items.

    *Lilla & Charles Linen Quilt in Sky Blue


    Although difficult to confirm, sources from archaeological digs show that around 5,000 years ago, the Chinese were the first to invent duvets, but modern history tells it was not until the interior design store Habitat opened in 1964 that duvets hit the mass market.

    Habitat promoted the duvet as a convenience product, and soon the concept of the 10 seconds bed was created.

    Modern day duvets, also known as comforters, can be produced with various fillings like feather, goose down, alpaca, or manmade materials such as polyester. To complement your bed styling and protect your duvet, duvet covers can be found in all types of materials, colors, and styles.

    Although their warmth depends on the type and amount of filling, duvets are usually cloud-like and can easily be used year-round.

    Here are some reasons why a duvet would be a great option for you:

    • Duvets are usually warmer, so they are a great match for colder weather.
    • They are fluffy and dreamy, providing the feeling of wrapping yourself around warm clouds.
    • Unlike quilts that usually require the use of a flat sheet, duvets can be used on their own.


      *Lilla & Charles Linen Duvet Cover in Khaki

      No matter which one you choose, remember that not all products are made the same. Price point and quality can vary a lot depending on factors such as manufacturing processes, textiles and industry certifications.

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